Around the house

Monday, June 24, 2013

The hubby and I, chatting office to office:
me: I accidentally bought famous amos cookies from the vending machine
Husband: did the money fall out of your pocket into the machine?
me: ahaha...I wasn't paying attention when trying to buy a pepsi and put the dollar in the wrong machine
Husband: LOL
me: and on top of that the machine wouldn't give back my dollar
so my dollar was basically stolen from me
and I was given cookies as a compromise
Husband: lol
well i am glad the machine compensated you for its theft
hopefully you can bring yourself to enjoy the cookies given the distress you must be under resulting from the thievery you were a victim of
me: I'm glad you understand.

Husband: dude someone cooked bacon in the microwave. not cool
me: ugh that must be torture
Husband: it is
i want some!
i'm like the dog on the beggin strips commercial
BACON!!!!!!! I SMELL BACON!!!!!!!
me: ahaha
Husband: then i sniff my way around the office until i find the culpret and steal their bacon
me: please do that...I will laugh

Around the house:

The other day we turned the sprinkler on in the yard thinking that the bug would L-O-V-E it since the pool and “ousside” are all that she asks for lately. Excitedly we turned on the faucet and directed her toward the water that was flying in the air and landing in the yard. Apparently she just thought it was raining because she then sang “rain rain go away” on repeat and refused to play in the sprinkler.

In addition to half-way decently singing the alphabet song and counting to ten (yeah, I’m pretty impressed), the bug has started to direct her questions at certain people.After saying “all done” this morning yet no one releasing her from her high chair, she looks at husband and said “daddy! all done!”Children learn so quickly how to get their way.

And the bub still coos away. 
Any funnies in your life lately?
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