About Me

Hi, I'm Stacy.  I'm wife to a wonderful husband, mother to two sweet babes, and daughter to loving parents and in-laws. 

Why keep a blog?  As in everything else, my number one motivation is my children.  I want to paint a picture of our days and life together, especially these early days that will be imprinted on their hearts but not on their memory.
I write for my own enjoyment and sanity, for mothers of every age and stage, and for my children who I hope will cherish these days as much as I do.
My pictures may have poor lighting, my writing may be sprinkled with grammatical errors, and my posts may be few and far between.  But that's okay. Above all else I strive for authenticity, because the authentic life is what is truly worth uncovering and sharing.
Thank you for reading our story,
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