Weekly Progress and Savings

Friday, April 25, 2014

We had much more breathing room this week!  Despite the typical grocery run and a Target excursion (they might as well take my money at the door), we left the weekend with cash in hand.

And except for an unplanned late-night diaper run, the days went by without any spending on our part.  Personally, I think those are the best.  In our case, we are likely spending more quality time together at home - playing in the cul-de-sac or sitting on our back porch.

This week's savings: $40.00

So far we are averaging $30.00/week deposit into our "dream jar"!  Some weeks it's around $20 but some weeks we save as much as $80.  And that average doesn't include extra income such as the treadmill we sold. 

And don't get me wrong - just because we aren't spending constantly doesn't mean we aren't out-and-about and having fun as a family.   

This weekend's plans:

-Cleaning out the garage - good, free elbow-grease
-A friend's baby shower (bought the gift this past week at Target and didn't break the bank!)
-Trip to the Zoo (yearly membership purchased last year)
-Watching a free vintage baseball game with a picnic lunch (http://tennesseevintagebaseball.com/ and I know the guy that started the league...pretty cool, eh?  I'm easily star-struck)

And isn't that just the best picture ever!?  Pure joy.  And all while enjoying time as a family on the back porch.  Brings to mind the saying "the best things in life are free."

May we spend well and live well!

Do you have any fun and free weekend plans?

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