Weekly Progress and Savings

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our weekly budget will of course extend through tomorrow, but I want to go ahead and post this week's progress and savings report today because 1) tomorrow is a holiday, and 2) the results are already in...(dun dun dun)....and it's:

This Week's Savings:  $0.00 but actually $75.00 (I'll explain)

This past week has been one of those rougher budgeting weeks because we left the weekend with only a few dollars in hand.  Yeah, not fun. 

But in prior weeks we have saved and then deposited into our Dream Jar anywhere between $20.00-$85.00!  So the system does pay off.  And even if this week's savings is $0.00, I can still be glad that we didn't go over budget!  And that is something to celebrate.

What maxed us out:
-supplies to make two dog cots (made for $30 each rather than paying $100 each retail)

-two larger boxes of diapers (that potty training thing is looking better and better)

-a huge bag of dog food

What we wanted but had to delay:
-A helmet for our toddler.  Don't worry, her safety is not yet in jeopardy!  She isn't even riding her scooter and trike but I won't let her start until we have a helmet.  I'm going simply borrow the helmet from her grandparent's for the time being!

-Screen to repair a small hole in our screened in porch.  The mosquitoes aren't out yet, so we are good.

-A book that I want for my kindle - again, I can wait.

-A new flush valve for the master toilet.  Yeah, this one kind of hurts.  The replacement is like $10.00 and I would love for hubby to replace it TONIGHT for convenience sake.  But it is not killing us, I turned off the water so we aren't wasting water/money, and I'm stubborn and will stick to this budget come heck or high water (literally!).

So where the did the $75.00 come from?  We sold our old treadmill this past weekend since we no longer had room for it.  Great timing!  We could of course take $10 or so from this and fix the toilet, which I'm sure most less-type-A people would do.  But honestly it is not an emergency and we made our choices and will live the consequences (but thankfully not for long). 

So glad that we have a weekly budget and can start again in just over a day!

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