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Monday, June 10, 2013

I was inspired recently by a lovely d.i.y. project from the ladies over at A Beautiful Mess. These hanging flower pots struck a cord in my heart, reminding me of the sunny, summer days of my childhood. I found this to be a rather quick and simple Sunday afternoon project that added much-needed visual appeal to our otherwise lackluster patio cover.
The supply list was short - a few ceramic pots, clothesline, paint, and plants. And to give the hanging pots not only a visual purpose but a functional purpose, I picked out several mosquito repellent plants to keep the little buggers away (citronella, bee balm, and marigolds). Mosquitoes may love the warm climate of the South, but southern-hospitality does not extend that far!

 This added functionality also helped to justify the cost of the project (though small) since we would spend the same amount of money on sticky bug sprays and non-ornamental citronella candles.

I love the bright yellow of the pots against the green backdrop of foliage! I think the hanging planters lend just the right amount of color and personal charm to our - now inviting - family patio.

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