Two Under Two...

Friday, June 14, 2013

I miss the double-duty days when I was home with both of the kiddos. Not the easiest days in the world, but so rewarding! And I learned a few little things to make those days as enjoyable as possible...

Wear the baby! Thankfully this little mister loves the wrap and will stay there for several hours. This allows me to be hands-free and able to tend to sister or do chores here and there.  My favorite at this age and stage is the Baby K'tan wrap (and the creator has such an inspiring story!).

Work/play hard to rest hard! While she is in her highchair eating a snack, I take those precious 5-10 minutes and get something done (like the dishes) rather than sit on my bottom. I build in chores to her playtime, so she will for instance help me with the laundry. Then the big payoff comes when she is napping and I can fully devote myself to resting rather than working. A peaceful 1-2.5 hours without a to-do list weighing over me?...YES PLEASE!

Walks outside are a mama's best friend! A simple walk accomplishes so much - fresh air, "ousside" which I constantly hear from the bug, exercise, vitamin D and relaxation. Yes, relaxation because my toddler is one place...for an extended amount of time. This does not happen outside of a stroller. One day I ended up walking with two sleeping babies who continued to sleep for about 2.5 hours after we got inside. Given that it had already felt like a full day by 8:30 AM, this was a blessing!

Give more when you feel like giving up! Honestly, the absolute hardest part about having two-under-two is keeping my composure during the times that I could use four arms and two laps or need to be in two places at once. I have to continually fight back the selfish part of myself that wants to just rest or do something I enjoy or mentally blame the kiddos and not blame myself if the day is going not-so-great. But when I push through the negative thoughts or attitudes and just give more...things always get better. When I accept and embrace this responsibility of mine...however physically and mentally fatiguing it can be...I'm able to fully enjoy the blessings of these two wonderful babies under two.
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