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Monday, July 8, 2013

  • he a comedian or a Canadian?  I can't remember.
  • The bug has been stringing several words together for over a month now.  I think she is pleased at how well she is communicating her needs or demands.  For instance, if she wants to be held by the person holding the bub, she will simply say "daddy bub" (meaning daddy take little brother) and "mama bug."

  • I'm also quite amazed at her problem-solving skills.  She was playing with her cousin at their grandparent's house and, because she was barefoot, kept stepping on toys which hurt her feet.  She then looked at her grandmother and said "shoes on!"  Then yesterday she wanted onto the couch, which is still a bit tall for her to climb.  Since I was holding bub and couldn't help her, she said "pillow" and went and grabbed a throw pillow.  She placed the pillow on the floor at the foot of the couch, stood on top of it, and was then able to climb up!
  • The bub loves to be sitting upright.  Always.  Unless he is sleeping.  So often times he is sitting on my lap.  He also loves to sit in the bumbo seat.  But baths have become a bit difficult since he doesn't want to recline.  He won't cry, but he kicks and wiggles so much that I get very agitated thinking he is uncomfortable.  Maybe this will improve, or maybe I will get a bath seat for him which I never had to do for the bug.

  • The bug is so cute when she dotes on her brother.  And she will stop whatever she is doing (even crying) to give him a smile and some attention.  She'll say "ah goo-chi" and get right in his little face for smiles and hugs and kisses.  Then she say "up, up" as she tries (not very well, don't worry) to pick him up.  And if he cries she gets concerned and says "binky brodder."  I love how she is recognizing someone's needs other than her own, and what better person than her younger sibling!
  • I have had a sinus infection for the past two weeks, but I'm quite used to this as it occurs probably 4-5 times a year.  The bug says "mama nose" and tries to imitate me with a tissue of her own.  But it's so cute how she will hold this tissue up to her nose and then blow air out through her mouth instead.  And the poor bub sat in a dirty diaper for about 30 minutes the other night because I just could. not. smell. anything.  My husband brought me a new pack of wipes mid-change and, unable to avoid smelling the diaper, said something like "OMG" (but more manly than that).  I still couldn't smell a thing.  But I wouldn't go so far as to call this a blessing.

  • The bug loves, loves, loves to sing.  This is nothing new, but it is getting more fun since she can sing almost all the words to a handful of songs, in her version anyway.  And instead of calling the song "twinkle twinkle," she calls it "how I wonder" (I like that better!) and she loves to twirl when any music is playing.

  • AND the bub rolled over for the first time on Saturday!  He was laying on his back with my husband beside him.  He is super strong and can arch his back which gives himself enough momentum to roll.  My husband looked up to tell me something, then looked back, and the mister was rolling right on over!  I'm excited for his accomplishment, but not quite ready for him to be on the move.
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