6 months

Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy half-birthday to the bub!  This is one of my favorite ages so I'm trying my best to soak it all in.  I would love to list a million and one things I love about this guy, but that would be the longest blog post ever so I'll just start my list and see how far I get...
  • Bub is such a happy, happy baby.  He is full of smiles and I especially love the slow, cute grin that will spread across his face.
  • Doesn't he look like the Gerber baby?  I'm tempted to curl the hair on top of head - parents used to do that you know!
  • He has lost most of his hair, although he is far from bald.  But compared to the full head of dark, dark hair that he had as a newborn, he looks very different with the dark hair gone and lighter hair growing.
  • He is perfectly plumb with these to-die-for cheeks, thigh, and little wrist-rolls below his chubby hands.  A quick and not-so-accurate weight check put him at over 17 lbs.  That's pretty average I guess, but seems so big to me since the bug was between 10-11 months before she was this size.
  • He loves his rice cereal and quickly adapted to eating solids.  I don't quite feel ready to give him a variety of solids for some reason - probably because in my mind he's still just a baby - so I've got to get with the program!  Times, they are a changin'
  • He is so bouncy when he is excited - kicking his feet and throwing out his arms.  I love that he is so animated.
  • He of course grabs everything in site and especially hair.  If your hair is down and you hold him, beware!  But this means too that he often is grabbing his sisters hair when she leans down to hug him or is just anywhere in arms reach.
  • He thinks it's funny when his sister cries - which when you think about it crying is kind of funny, although the reason someone is crying may not be so funny.  This doesn't annoy her now, thankfully.
  • It's fun to see the bug's interpretation of her brother's actions.  He will reach for something simply because she set it in front of him, but good luck trying to explain that one!  She thinks he is conspiring to take it away from her and will promptly say "no, no, my sippy cup."  I find this all very amusing as a spectator, but I'm sure this situation will quickly move off of the amusing spectrum once he starts crawling.
  • He can push up so well on his hands and can push up onto his knees, but is just now working out how to do these simultaneously.  But he is so strong and so determined that I bet he will crawl within the next month.
  • He is sitting up!  I sat him in the crib yesterday and he happy stayed up for close to 10 minutes (maybe not quite that long) before falling over, perhaps voluntarily.  He then rolled onto his back and was content to play with a toy rattle.  He is so easy-going!
  • He has become quite vocal.  The other night I heard him over the monitor so went to check on him, expecting to rock him back to sleep.  But he was on his stomach, head down, trying to go to sleep - just very loudly!  He is also starting to say syllables like da-da...so cute.  We'll work on ma-ma soon too.
  • I don't think of him as being quite so highly-active as his sister (it's still early to tell) but he likes to be held tight when he's being rocked to sleep and I generally have to keep his arms still as well.  Sometimes I feel like I'm squeezing him to sleep!
  • This weekend he starting breaking into hives, which sounds very alarming but has been very manageable (knock on wood).  Thankfully Benadryl is so fast-acting that I don't believe he's been uncomfortable for long.  As far as a cause, likely a virus that he could have had several weeks ago.  But he isn't contagious and it should go away soon.  I just feel bad for the little guy and hope this isn't a recurring sensitivity of some sort.
  • And he has a little scrape on his chin - such a boy.
 So again, happy half-birthday little boy!  I couldn't be prouder!
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