Welcome Autumn!

Friday, September 27, 2013

What I'm looking forward to this Fall...
  • Exploring all things autumn with my littles.  The Bug saw pumpkins for essentially the first time last weekend.  I said "look, pumpkins!" and she said "thumpkin!" and starting singing the song "where is thumbkin."  Easy mistake to make.

  • Making homemade baby food.  I was not great at this with the Bug, but now I'm hooked after easily making DELICIOUS pureed peas.  I've also made bananas which taste like a smoothie.  Plus, the Bug has even eaten the pureed peas...maybe because her brother was eating them or maybe because they are so. dang. good.

  • Wearing new clothes.  Need I say more?

  • Trying this tea.  

  • Watching football and keeping up with my fantasy team.  So far my fantasy team is 2-1...not bad!  And thankfully not the worst, even though I picked Jay Cutler because he's my home boy.  :-P

  • Food Truck Wednesdays at work.  I love a good sno-cone (hmm...don't hear those words often) and these are the best...I just wish they had a picture on the website because they put whip cream on top and look amazing!  

  • Snuggling up to a good book.  I've been in a book funk lately...maybe because I'm obsessed with the show Fringe.  But I'm looking forward to finding a good read.

This weekend we are going to the zoo with a new stroller!  So excited.

Have a great weekend!!! 
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