Autumn Outings – Pumpkin Patch!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

We are so lucky to have a great pumpkin patch nearby!  And it offers activities in addition to picking your own pumpkin, which tromping through a pumpkin patch may not have been so convenient with a toddlers and a double-stroller and a wagon.  The fact that is was a blazing 85 degrees didn’t add to the excitement of picking a pumpkin, either.  But thankfully the kiddos loved the activities and kept us running to the point that we almost forgot it felt like summer (almost, but not really – it was hot).

IMG_4427 the farm

IMG_4431 IMG_4440 the bug excitedly tells cousin lulu about something she sees

IMG_4443 bub looks like a little baby model

IMG_4444 so I mentioned previously that I’m not very photogenic…well unfortunately neither is my adorable little girl at this age.  she has a smile that lights up the room with sparkles in her eyes…I promise!  but capturing that smile is another story.  we generally end up with faces like this, because she is just too busy and life is just too exciting to stay still longer than 2 seconds.

IMG_4446 she desperately wants to ride the hayride….

IMG_4450IMG_4455IMG_4465 russ and neice lulu

IMG_4472IMG_4490 IMG_4500 little boy blue…

IMG_4514 doesn’t seem so little riding the tractor

IMG_4527 IMG_4533 IMG_4545 slightly out of focus, but we are all looking forward so I’ll take it!

IMG_4570 IMG_4571 she is accustomed to a bike with pedals…what is this push with just your feet stuff?

IMG_4587 IMG_4589 russ takes a ride in the wagon….yeah, not really.

IMG_4591 bug wasn’t quite ready for the tire swing…”no like it” (more like “no yike it”)

IMG_4599IMG_4614 playing dinner….

IMG_4617 wait, where did she go?

IMG_4620 IMG_4622 this is the closest I got to capturing a smile - when my daughter was pretending to the eat the communal plastic play cheese…eek!…but see those sparkles!

this is also right before we lost her hair clip and then found it by looking back through the pictures and seeing when and where she last had it.  just saying…sometimes taking an obnoxious amount of pictures comes in handy.


And we ended the day with a cute little pow-wow and skipped home! 

Actually, the girls got fussy because they were hot and tired, the bub was hungry, I ran to the nearest picnic table to feed him, the rest of the gang walked through the already picked pumpkins and grabbed a few for the houses, I was a bit cranky as well because of the heat, and if you weren’t cranky yet then pulling a wagon of crying toddlers to the car would probably do it.  ha! But over all very fun and I’m thankful for pictures that captures those happy, fun moments so I can forget the rest before we go back next year.  :-)

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