Autumn Outings - Zoo!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Today we had a very fun autumn (well, it was 80 degrees) zoo trip.  The animal exhibits were mildly interesting, but my favorite cuties on exhibit were my kiddos.  :)  They looked so darn cute in their coordinating brother/sister outfits (this happened partially by mistake) and I was obsessed with our new Maclaren stroller which makes walking about with both kiddos so easy.

The bug’s favorite was by far the kangaroo that she got to pet.  The kangaroo exhibit actually lets you walk inside of an area where the kangaroos run free, sort of like a kangaroo petting zoo!  But I didn’t see any hopping about – mostly they just laid in the shade, but who could blame them.  The bub was amazingly content and laid-back (amazingly as far as babies go, this is standard for him) which actually makes me more antsy at times.  I was constantly adjusting and re-adjusting him in the stroller because I’m afraid he simply won’t let me know if he’s uncomfortable!  Silly, I know.

The husband and I’s highlight, other than seeing the kiddos enjoy the morning, was the bottomless icee that we shared and refilled at least three times.  And we can bring it back next time and pay even less for then endless goodness.  I’m sure this is marketed toward the younger crowd, but boy does this make me want to visit the zoo more often!

One of a whopping total of three animal pictures that we took.IMG_3980

My favorite exhibit!IMG_4011

Oh and, randomly, Abe Lincoln riding a “cycle” as the bug says.  Yes, this was at the zoo.IMG_3907

Potato stamping fun.IMG_3910

The most that the bug would stick her head through the wooden board.  My guess is she thinks we are crazy for asking this stuff of her.IMG_3914

Holding daddy’s hand and strolling through the garden.IMG_3922

Smelling the flowers after having “mommy smell” too.IMG_3929

Little scarecrows in the garden.IMG_3933 IMG_3939 IMG_3941

And old-fashion juice maker.  They were turning apples through this thing, then pressing them into juice.  This was the best apple juice ever and we now want to get a juicer or at least a make-shift juicer for the house.IMG_3946

Historic house at the zoo that I really want to tour but that I highly double is stroller accessible.  One day we will see the inside.IMG_3955

Always has a smile.  What a trooper, this one.IMG_3964

My goofy wave as I try my best to make the bug smile…she is not yet a fan of the carousel.  Again, she’s probably thinking “this makes no sense, why are you making me do this?”IMG_3965

Now she’s a happy one!  Loves to sing!IMG_3971

So photogenic!  He does not get this from me.  I am the very opposite of photogenic and cannot for the life of me be “casual” or “normal” when someone is taking my photo.  It’s just impossible.IMG_3974 IMG_3979


The bug pets a kangaroo!  Apparently they are very very soft.IMG_3997

Again, my favs.IMG_4001 IMG_4009

Looking forward to visiting the zoo again.  Maybe around Halloween?  Maybe next weekend so I again have an excuse to drink a bottomless icee?  Hmm, better wait.  Besides, next weekend we are visiting the pumpkin patch!

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