Our Helping Tower

Monday, July 22, 2013

We welcomed a new addition to our home last week.  I happily introduce you to our new "helping tower," which now I cannot imagine our life without.

Had I known how absolutely fabulous this contraption would be, we would have had it months ago.  The problem with procurement, however, simply came down to cost.  At around $200, I was just not willing to purchase a new tower and I couldn't find one used.


Then I came upon a website with a free project guide for a DIY helping tower!
Problem solved.  We bought the materials for around $30.00 and my husband masterfully assembled and painted the tower in one weekend.


I was concerned about placement, but we put it in front of cabinets that are rarely used and counter-space that we don't need for food prep.


In addition to the retail price, I held off on the tower because I didn't think my daughter was ready to truly "help" in the kitchen.  But I under-estimated just how versatile her counter-top activities could be.  Many activities, though not a part of our food prep, are such a positive learning experience and are now super easy because of the tower.

For instance, yesterday I gave her three cups of varying sizes with a small amount of water in one.  For thirty minutes she practiced pouring water from one cup to another while she stood happily on the tower.  I had a towel laid out on the counter, so any spills were absorbed and not overly messy.

IMG_3618  IMG_3629

And I believe that the activities are more successful because she doesn't have the temptation to move about.  Being "confined" to the tower actually encourages her to focus on the task at hand. 

Adding to the tower's success, I feel comfortable giving her activities that I wouldn't give her while having free reign of the house (think open cups of water or play-doh).


So all in all, I give many thumbs up to our successful DIY project and the benefits both our family (and pocketbook) are reaping!

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