5 Months!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

5 months

My little boy is 5 months old and he makes me one proud mama.  He is rolling over, reaching for things he wants, bringing things like the binky and his toes to his mouth, smiling and smiling some more, laughing out loud, babbling his silly babbles, sleeping on his tummy, and generally adjusting beautifully to life and our family.

Somehow, this kid makes things look so easy and effortless.  Not just the physical development that he's going through, but the way he adapts to his environment.  He is one cool dude and it takes quite a bit to phase him.  He doesn't always like to be in the car seat and will politely (not screaming his head off) let you know if he's hungry, but other than that he just goes with the flow and it's amazing to me.  I have to try very hard at being "go-with-the-flow" but he comes by it naturally and I'm certain it will serve him well in life.

As far as stats, he is around 16 lbs. and still long and lean except for his adorable chubby legs.  He is fitting perfectly into his 3-6 months clothes which may not fit the length of his torso for much longer but he easily wears 0-3 month pants because of his little waist.

I've also been a bit of a worried mama lately because a week ago this past Sunday I noticed an indented mark on the underside of his forearm.  When I originally saw it I thought it was a temporary mark left from resting his arm on something, but it hasn't gone away.  It's a bit discolored so maybe its a birthmark?  In my internet searches, it hasn't come up as a side effect so I'm just keeping an eye on it.  Maybe it's harmless, but there is no doubt that it's a bit strange. 

Love you, bub!  What a sweetie.

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