Around our house lately...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

  • The bug is singing more and more!  Her favorites are "frinkle frinkle little star" and the verse of wheels on the bus where the mommies say "I love you"

  • She loves to color and she calls her crayons "colors" and asks us repeatedly to draw letters "w" and "e"...this girl is learning her alphabet!  The letter "w" is her favorite in the alphabet book.
  • The bub is so strong and masterfully rolls over since about two weeks ago.  He is still working on his balance, but definitely has the core strength needed to sit on his own.  And when he is on his tummy, you can see his sheer determination at trying to move around like his sister.
  • The bug was "cooking" at her helping tower and, playing along, my husband asked her "what are you making?"  Her answer..."noise."
  • The bub has just started to actually laugh-out-loud and it's the absolute most cutest little squeaking sound that I've ever heard - music to my ears!
  • The bug started dance lessons a few weeks ago and seems to really enjoy them.  She is learning to do somersaults (not yet unassisted) and amazingly can already jump with both feet in the air!  I didn't think kids did this for another few years.
  • For the first time in my whole adult life I hired someone else to clean my home and it is heavenly.  I wouldn't say I'm exactly proud of this little fact as I always took pride in taking care of the home myself, but it became needed to the point of being necessary.  And isn't mom lesson #1 to know when to ask for help?
  • I spent five whole nights away from my family last week and this is the longest I have ever gone without seeing any of them, including my husband.  Needless to say it was very difficult, but we managed with a little facetime here and there.  Kudos to all those spouses who travel for work's not easy I tell ya.
  • We are looking forward to autumn weather and wardrobes, a few getaways that we have planned, birthdays and baby milestones!

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