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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gasp!  I'm staring 30 right in the face because in just under a month I will no longer be 29.

Admittedly, I do have some anxiety about this little fact - but not because I’ll be “30” or “old”, but because my 20's will soon be a part of my past.  My 20's, the decade that brings so many life-changing events, will soon be history in my book.

So before I step into my 30's, I want to call tribute to a decade in my life that has brought so much joy (cue sappy music):

-My Undergraduate degree and my Master's degree.
-A string of jobs that led me to my current position, which I feel so blessed to have.
-An adventurous move to a big city and back.
-International travel, where I met my husband.
-Sweet, loving pets that were or are a welcomed part of our family.
-A beautiful wedding to a handsome man who I happily call my best friend.
-A dream home that I never imagined having so early in our lives.
-Wonderful in-laws who I love dearly and who have enriched my life.
-A renewed faith in Christ.
-Becoming an auntie to a sweet little niece.
-And the birth of two beautiful children who are true miracles.

But if my 20's were a time of un-ending blessing, I want my 30's to be a time of un-ending service.  Now, more that ever, I feel this deep need to give back.  Not because I feel I'm supposed to, but because it's the only true thanks that I know.  And I am so, so very thankful! 

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Okay 30’s, here I come!

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